Road Map

How it Works
Road Map

The Digital Doll Collectors is a future doll collectors community that will showcase 1 doll collection each month for 12 months, aka 12 Months Dolly of which we will interact with and teach others to create doll collections to trade/flip amongst future doll collectors communities and others. 

Complete and Exclusive Rights to do with your Doll (nft) as you wish - you can even make Doll merch, etc.

11x14 Wall Art with initial Doll nft purchase 

The utilities for holders for 30 days ongoing are 

  • 2 Doll Air Drops each month 
  • Wall Art , 11x14 each month from the Doll Collection of the Month 
  • Online Course to learn to become Creators, Traders, Flippers, and Collectors for Doll Collections.
  • Loyalty Rewards, exclusive bonuses from time to time
  • Future Upgrades after 12 months
Phase 1

In order to make our project more successful, we will collaborate with various other NFT companies, artists, and experts. The community is our first partner! Being part of it, you will be the first to know about our upcoming collaborations, have the opportunity to be involved in future projects, and earn rewards.

We will challenge you to play competitive but entertaining games against each other in the Digital Dolls Collectors metaverse and earn valuable prizes.

We are huge believers in the metaverse and therefore we will ensure that Digital Dolls leaves its footprints in this next frontier. Every Digital Dolls NFT is a 3D file that will be deployable to the metaverse as a character in a play-to-earn game, a way to explore the metaverse, and more.

The Digital Dolls Collectors will organize unforgettable private parties in different places around the globe for the most engaging members of our community.

Phase 2

Time to play & get paid for it! Play-to-Earn NFT games are where the Digital Dolls NFT will be your personal avatar. Winners will be rewarded with Dolls tokens that can be traded on cryptocurrency marketplaces & take your PFMC NFT to the next level.

Air Drops begin and every day, each The Digital Dolls NFT holder will earn 10 Doll tokens. Doll tokens will be available for purchase on decentralized exchanges like Uniswap. Doll tokens will also be used to power our play-to-earn games.

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