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The Digital Doll Collectors Community is a community that we are creating as a world for future doll collectors (past, present, and future) from all dolly's walks and ways of life to find their dolly's new homes on the NFT blockchain. There they'll be reloved, re-cherished, and reappreciated by us and all others ...
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We will be teaching, providing, and creating ways to become Creators, Collectors, and Investors who will be collecting, creating, flipping, and trading our dollys amongst ourselves and others in the NFT's universe forever and ever to come. Introducing the first doll in our collection for 12 Months Dolly ... DollBaby

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Road Map

The Digital Doll Collectors is a future doll collectors community that will showcase 1 doll collection each month for 12 months, aka 12 Months Dolly of which we will interact with and teach others to create doll collections to trade/flip amongst …

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Phase 1

In order to make our project more successful, we will collaborate with various other NFT companies, artists, and experts. The community is our first partner! Being part of it, you will be the first to know about our …

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Phase 2

Time to play & get paid for it! Play-to-Earn NFT games are where the Digital Dolls NFT will be your personal avatar. Winners will be rewarded with Dolls tokens that can be traded on cryptocurrency marketplaces & take your PFMC NFT to …

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